panel comments


David Derer

Mike is too kind. They are not perfect. They are much better than what
has been cuurently available. They will still need to be trimmed to fit
. I am still debating the end spear point. Currently the end after
fitting needs to be measured then hammer dollied down by installer.
There are many forces at work when a flat panel needs to have shape and
form. especially at tight turn where horizontal and vertical lines meet.
There is a large area of stretch while at same time an area the metal
needs to shrink. These area are prestretched by hand, so I feel end
result is estimated and never truly as good as the factory stamped
peice. I threw away many many panels before accepting these but I still
think there is always room for improvement. I appreciate kind words but
I need comments from those that have installed and fitted panels. In the
next few weeks I will post comments I receive the good and the bad.
Later Dave the Wave