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Our framed panaround picture arrived last week. I opened the box and tried to
pull the frame out of the box. All I got in my hand was one small side of the
frame and one long side of the frame. The other two pieces and the glass
stayed in the box. Not to get upset over this I pulled out all the pieces and
reassembled the frame and picture. The frame was broken in two spots. With the
help of some carpenters glue and some carpenters clamps it is now good as new
you cannot see the repair. Just thought I would share that.
We will be in San Diego from October 30 to November 4 If any fellow
Amphibians would like to meet up please let me Know. My wife planned this to
visit one
of her high school buddies so I won't have much to do but sit by the pool and

Tim Wick
In sunny and hot Wisconsin (90 degrees today)

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