Panaround Photo



Just received mine today... and
its frame/glass are fully intact.
I showed it to our Amphi and he
bilged with joy at the memories
that wonderful weekend created.
It's now proudly displayed and
what an awesome dispaly of our
amphibiousness it brings to my
den. So glad we (our Amphicar,
Mermaid, & I) could be there...
Celina was indeed the place to
be in 2003.

Kudos to the I.A.O.C. board for
getting the Panaround team to
take another classic photo!

And... the recent newsletter is
another picture filled pleasure
to be savored for years to come.
Someday the club goodies we all
take for granted will end up on
Ebay worth millions!

Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA