Paint Planning


Ed Price

Did you ever wonder how your Amphi might look when painted silver or plum or
bright yellow?

If you have a photo editor that can accept PhotoShop psd format files, I can
send you a file with a left-front Amphi view. (I didn't post this to the Files
or Photos area, since, with the ten or so color masks included, the file is
about 4.8MB!! That's nothing if you have a high-speed net connection, but you
could have lunch during a 56k file transfer.)

The background layer has the original Amphi. The next layer has all background,
glass, chrome and tires deleted, leaving only the Amphi painted surfaces. All
you need to do is select that layer, then adjust the image in the Colorize mode
with the HSL controls. You can swing the color through all levels of hue,
saturation & luminosity, without losing the "look" of real paint on a real body.

Use the Copy Layer command, and you can save as many colored masks as you want.
This way, you can select any mask and immediately see a green or blue or purple
Amphi against a real background.

BTW, you can use this technique on anything. Start with a digital photo of you
bedroom, and then let your wife find just what color she likes best. Show your
kids why pink & black never caught on.

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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