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Caryl, the girls and I had such a good time at Nick and Sandy's harbor
this weekend. The Amphi towed great in both directions. Thanks to
Tom and Wayne, I was able to repair our generator pulley in record

We had 7 cars in the water, just enough to give the spectators a few
glimpses of our fun machines..

Port Washington harbor is quite impressive, clean and full of some of
the biggest waves we have been in, what a blast, we got soaked a
couple of times, Caryl more so than I, it was great.

Also, it must be nice to drive into the river from your own back yard
like they do. I wish our river was that clean.

We had Amphicar salad on Sunday, just thought I'd get that started...

Nick took the girls in fast a couple of times, you should have heard
the screams, they had more fun than they should have, they slept good
that night. They loved it.

Our little beauty performed very well all weekend with no problems and
very little bilge.

We took many, many pictures and can't wait to have them developed.
I'm sure they will remind us of how much fun we and the others had. I
will try to make copies of the best for the group that was there.

I could go on and on.

Thanks again Nick and Sandy for all your hospitality,

Marty & Caryl