Our visit to Gordon Imports



Cheryl and I were visiting the west coast as a reprieve from the
Michigan snow and decided to contact Gordon's to ask whether we could
stop by their business to purchase a part. Both Jean and Shellee
said "Come on in!" We were then warmly received by Hugh, Jean,
Shellee and Bob and kept them from their duties for nearly two hours.

We viewed their impressive inventory, saw a couple of vehicles in
different stages of restoration and several other cars awaiting
repair, and enjoyed good conversation. We tried about every 15
minutes to allow them to get back to their workday, but they insisted
upon showing us around and being gracious about our inquiries.

It was a pleasant visit, we purchased the one item I really needed,
and we left with the feeling that we had gained four new friends.
The Amphicar experience - although new to us - is certain to be
rewarding. We're looking forward to meeting more Amphi-owners and
friends. See you in Celina!