Our summer projects



This post may be a little out of place but a good tip is a good tip.
This group is loaded with do it yourselfers and everyone seems to have
several summer projects and we often expose ourselves to harmful
chemicals. I am a construction worker by trade and was pouring
concrete and was stuck standing in it for 3 hours. My protection wore
thin and now I'm off to the Little Rock burn center with 3rd degree
burns on the left foot and leg and can barely walk. This even puts my
search for a beloved project Amphi on hold till I can recover. If I'd
put vinegar on it immediately, I'd be in better shape. We all take for
granted that we're protecting ourselves the best we can but be
prepared for the what if. Even your charcoal starter is highly
corrosive to skin and will cause severe burns. Just be careful on your
projects and heed all warnings. Time down is time away from your
family and your Amphi. Be safe, swim well, Bobby