Our first swim in


Ina Cabanas

My husband & I, along with my 3 boys, went for our first swim-in with Bill Syx
(East Coast Amphicar) this past Sat. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day here in
southern NJ, a perfect day for a swim.

My husband, who thinks I want too expensive toys, now is hooked & glad I
purchased an Amphi. My kids were hooked when they saw the Amphi on Dec.31st
down at Bill's shop. Now April 19th, the day I drive to Dave the Wave's, will
not come fast enough! The adventure will start when I arrive in Ill. with a
trailer to tow my Ampi to Bill's. Our goal is to get it up & running so we can
swim it this summer.

I'm looking for a good name for our license plate & I guess we also need one for
the car. My son, Ramon, had one for the license plate...THE BOAT. I need to
chose between 2 or 3. Any suggestions out there? Ina in Pemberton Boro.

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