Our Amphicar is done


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Towards the end of february last year, we bought an Amphicar in Michigan as the result of a posting via the club. on the first day we had it licensed and insured, while taking it for its first spin around the block, we were rear-ended.

The hit was hard enough for my passenger to get a ride to the hospital and the car to be so severely damaged that we made the decision for it to go spent some time at "Camp Souter", where Gord completely rebuilt it

This week, Gord sent me the picture of the finished product. We'll be taking it home after Gord's swim-in in Orillia and we should be taking it to Celina for a day when that event comes up

The entire story of the crash and the year that followed can be found on www.garminthedog.com in the Amphicar section

Herb in Ohio


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Thanks for sharing both the nightmare and the happy ending. The car looks great.

My '68 Vista Cruiser experienced a similar debacle. The clown who was transporting it allowed it to roll backwards off the trailer, down an embankement, and into a tree.

Fortunately there are folks out there like Dave and Gord with true metal mastery skills. I fabricated and welded a small patch panel onto my BMW this weekend, and that in itself took me all weekend.