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100_3612.JPG 100_3621.JPG 100_3641.JPG 100_3644.JPG 100_3639.JPG Sunday Morning.
Everone is exhasted. Amphicaring from sun rise to sunset on Sat.Went to Port Severn (cars leaving a littleIsland)then to Honey Harbour is Georgian Bay's 12000 Island,,, and ROCKS.( Ed'sRed car going over one)
I hung out there as a Kid,, It is fantastic! we had so many Amphicars that boats HAD to slow down so did not have wave problems. had 13 cars swiming.. Over 16 at Farm..Sun out all weekend WOW>
TODAY were of for Brunch at Coldwater country Museum then more local swiming. and a few long distace ones heading home.
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