Orillia Swim In

Canadian four amphs

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Date,. Weekend of June 20th
Althou action usually gets going on Thursady June 19th! and goes threw till late Sunday June the 22ed
Last year we swam in 12 different lakes and rivers including a trip threw the Locks!I plan to top the show this yesr with places I have never been to myself(DID check the ramps thou)
THis is the one mark it on your Calander and book rooms now as this is wedding time!The Inns Phone number is 1 705 326 7343,I have booked 5 good rooms under my name and Amphicars..That was all that was left in Feb!
all the folks from NH are coming,The gang from Mich,Cigar man, Dave the wave Said they are coming. Even Tommy in Tampa is going to try!
CLEAN CLEAR CANADIAN WATERS<<Plus you get to meet me and see all my cars and parts
GORD (AMPHICAR CANADA) for more info:dft012:

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Yes Tommy confrimed he is booked to come up..
I finally get a Flordonian to come up after 10 years of me going to there swim in.
Dave,,, how about you,, are you going to make it..
only 1 room left at the Highwayman inn.
May be a roon here at my home.!
The thing about the Orillia swim in is you get to see my restoration shop, my parts house etc. come with a Amphicar,, come without your Amphicar, come if you are interested in Amphicars, come if you want to buy a Amphicar, come if you want to sell a Amphicar! Just get here!This year!
but email or phone so we have a head count for the free BBQ at Jeffs,
THIS IS A FREE EVENT.....once you pay the gas to get here,
There is already 13 Amphicars here and the meets still 3 weeks away!!!

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Gord ,We really wanted to go, but once again I spent more than I made:012:.
I did mention to a couple of the Board members that perhaps Orilla would make a great international meet. Also at Your Swim please discuss the producing of some parts by the Club. It will make for some good discussion. Later Dave the Wave