Orillia Swim in.

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The weekend. July 8th 2017
For some reason the club newsletter did not mention it.
I sent out messages to a few but got hardly any replies back.
SO only a few coming but we are going to the Gravenhurst boat show(woodies)on Sat.
A special show spot ,reserved for us.


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We meet at Jeff's.. Ray Plante and Louise ,White car, Bob with 2 B's, Jeff and Barb,Red car, Joanne and I. Blue car
And drove up to Gravenhurst, Spent the day at Boat show Swam among the woodies, then back to Jeff's for nice sunny breezy BBQ and the all parted for home. Short and Sweet!
Could not have got a better place to park, hundreds of Spectators, Steam ships, very old cars etc.

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