Original quality ATE brake parts might soon be available !

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I've been talking to ATE Classic which has recently been created in Germany by Continental who now own the brand.
They have original part numbers for all Amphicar brake parts listed in a 1968 catalog on their website (listed under IWK Amphicar) and I can see the number for the flexible rear brake line does match the number on an original I have here.
It's all a bit new but first indication is they might well be manufacturing them. That would be great news, quality brake parts for Amphicar are very difficult to source and it's one area you can't use NoS.
I think flexible brake lines are the most needed but I'll update here what they come back with.
The website is. http://www.ate-brakes.com/products/ate-classic/


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David... I have had exact" quality made " Front and rear flex brake lines in stock for years!
When I found them I bought all they could get so have lots!
And I sell them much lower price than those in California.
Later models have a spring holding flex line up ..Tape hold a pc. of plastic tube

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Good to know Gord although I have enough for a few years for myself. That spring arrangement on the later cars was odd, it was clearly to stop the hose rubbing on the wheel but I've only ever seen that happen if the hose isn't put on right (if it has a twist) so even on cars with the top clip for the spring I haven't used a spring.
I've had some emergency brake cables made to the original design so the outer is flexible and doesn't crack and let water in. Making them in stainless with a nylon liner means they should last forever and also lack of friction means they work well so you can actually slow if not stop the car if you pull the handle hard enough.