Original Hitch placement



The original Amphicar hitches are a "T" shape (looking from above).

The center section is bolted thru the hull to the rear (2) engine
mounts (below the crank pulley) and formed to the shape of the hull
so it meets the horizontal pieces (on the bumperettes) at about the
level of the horizontal bumper.

The 2 horizontal pieces are "U" clamped to the top of each bumperette
between the horizontal bumper (at the body) and the inside of the
vertical bumperette.

I am not certain of the dimensions of the pieces, this is only a
guide it's placement.

From above the rear of the car, looking down;

[--] <-- Right bumperette
(a) []
=:====[:]=0 <-- Hitch ball
[--] <-- Left bumperette

(a) = 2 thru hull bolts to the engine mounts.

The 2 bolts at the motor mounts are where most of the lateral force
is applied. I would reinforce the bumperette mountings inside before
adding this.