Original fuel tap

In case anyone is interested, I just got a notice from Shelley at Gordon Imports that the original fuel taps are now in stock for 149.99. I must have tried ordering one back in 2013 and was put on a back order list!


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Make sure to update your fuel line while you are at it. Only use the latest fuel hose, which will be rated SAE 30R9, This is a lined hose (Lined with a Teflon like material) and is the stuff made to resist today's oxygenated gasolines. The old 30R7 hose USED to be acceptable, but no longer is, it will rot out from many of today's nasty fuels.

Many vendors still sell what they call the "correct German, metric hose", BUT it is often the inferior type, despite being OEM style factory hose. If it does not have the teflon like inner liner that 30R9 has, it is no good. Don't risk a leak or a fire. The old braided stuff was designed for another era of fuel.

You can buy 30R9 hose at many parts stores, make sure 30R9 is printed on the hose. It is difficult to find metric 30R9, I use 5/16 inch and 3/8 inch diameter 30R9 with the correct fuel-injection type hose clamps and find that it holds fine, nice and tight.