Ordering from me...



Well a failed attempt to help out another (no BETA test for me) has
bit me in the a$$. I utilized some software a co-worker produced for
small mail order type stuff (eBay and such). It gives out wrong
status on orders and a few other "undocumented features" (AKA: Bugs)
It also caused me to miss orders or ship to some who never ordered
(grabbed info from my address book).

To those who got schematics mysteriously, it's my gift to you. If
anyone has ordered and not received them, or got the wrong one,
contact me I *will* make it right. If your not happy with them, I
will offer a full refund. Those who have waited will be getting
upgraded at no charge. I hope that some how everyone understands.

John "No BETA testing for me, thank you" Bevins

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