Opening doors....



When I lost my job to a layoff just before Thanksgiving, I was
stressing a little because of the uncertainty that it brings. Now I
have seen the door of opportunity swing open. Amphicars may not
provide me with the same income I have become accustomed to, but
they give me something better... piece of mind. I now enjoy going
to "work" now. The shortest commute in my life! For the last 15+
years I drove 30 miles each way, now it's about 15' each way! :) My
boss is an OK guy by some accounts. ;) So, I thank God for this ever
so great gift of Amphicars and the people who care for them.

I just back from Denver setting up another resto. This guy has had
his Amphi for about 18 years and it has been sitting for 10 or so.
After he spoke with another member (THANKS Mark!!!) about my work on
his, he decided to restore it (or let me anyway). It is a nice solid
Red 64. Typical rust in the 1/4 panels, but otherwise a schweeeeet
car. I will start on it early Feb.

It was sitting only a few blocks from my sister's place. I had no
idea one was so close by. Just a few years ago I knew of only 2 in
Colorado, now I know of about 14 here! This Summer may be the first
Rocky Mountain Swim in ever!

John "Ever so thankful" Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar