Opening Day parade in Seattle



The Open Day boat parade in Seattle is this coming Saturday (May 7). We
meet in the parking lot at Gasworks Park between 10:30 and 11:00 am.
Hopefully we will have a record number of cars there this year. A
professional photographer contacted me about the event and plans to be
there to photograph our cars. See his e-mail below for more information.

*So, come if you can so we can put on a good show!

Rick Seim called as I was writing this. He has invited us to BREAKFAST
in Kirkland before the parade. He has generously offered to buy
breakfast for all of us Amphicar folk. Kirkland holds its "Splash"
festival at Marina Park, its downtown waterfront park, on the 7th. We
usually bring our cars by for this event too. If you want to join us
for this, meet by the gazebo in Marina Park at 9:00. Rick will have a
photographer there to take a group picture. After breakfast, we will
drive over to Gasworks Park for the parade. This morning event before
the parade will take the place of the evening event we have often had in
the same place in Kirkland. If you plan to show for breakfast in
Kirkland, you might let Rick know you are coming. You can e-mail him

Here are more details about our participation in the parade:

After we meet at Gasworks park we drive to a boat ramp about a 1/2 mile
east of the park. We go in the water around 11:30 and then motor about
a mile to the parade staging area at the west end of the Montlake Cut.
We spend an hour or so puttering around the yachts in the staging area
until it is our turn to go through.

The parade route is through the Montlake Cut and then continues along
between the two rows of boats tied to the log booms. When we reach the
end of the log boom, we usually make a U-turn to the left and travel
back to the Cut behind the boats on the north log boom.

By the time we get back to the cut, the parade is over (or almost
over). The parade organizers hold other traffic to allow us to go back
through the Montlake Cut first. There may be some other small boats
(human or solar powered, etc.) going back with us this year. So, if we
are sharing the cut with these boats, watch your speed. Our cars can
throw a good size wake if you stand on it, and the concrete walls of the
Cut bounce the waves back-and-forth a lot.

Since the boats in the parade go fairly slow, and since we go back
through the cut first, the wave action in the cut its self is minimal.
BUT, there are times when we can encounter some waves. We can encounter
boat wakes while going from the launch ramp to the staging area, and
also on the way back, but the way back is usually less choppy. The
other place we can hit chop is at the end of the parade route where it
gets near Lake Washington. The wave action here is dependent on the
wind on the lake. But, if it looks like the weather is nasty, you can
exit the parade route to the left just after leaving the Montlake Cut.
Exiting here will avoid any chop coming from Lake Washington. In the
three years I've done this parade, we've never had a big problem with
waves. But depending on conditions you may get a little spray over the
top of the windshield.

Hope to see you at the parade.

Roger St. John

Here's the e-mail from the photographer that contacted me.

Hi Roger,

will be very cool to see the Amphicars out "in force", but I have managed to
hitch another ride. We will have good shooting vantage from the Seattle Yacht
Club's press yacht. I appreciate VERY much that you could find us a ride, and
we would still LOVE to ride in one if anyone could spare time while we are

Thanks for the tactical advice, plus I had already wondered if that was a
limited viewpoint, will you even SEE the first ships? It now seems that Adonica
& I are coming to Seattle for even MORE fun, the previous weekend for Cinco de
Mayo. No we're not Spanish, but planning a very long journey in Mexico in about
2 years. So we're gearing up!

We will get great inwater shots of your entire group, would be GREAT if you
could all wave at RIGHT time, facing the SYC Press yacht. If you could provide
us with a cell phone or two that someone might answer out there, we can phone
you when we can see you. I have long lenses and will try to get individual cars
too. Any Amphicar owner that will sign a release saying we can use photo of
them & their car, can have a print or web sized digital file at no charge.

We will be in town previously April 31-May 1 for Cinco de Mayo, then likely to
your Aquarium on Monday the 2, then leave town Tues-Thurs for the forest and
return Friday. If you or any owner(s) had time during those times for a
miniphoto shoot we would love to meet you, see your COOL cars, and photograph
them until someone prys me off them. (Mommy I wanna play with the Amphicar)

I am a longterm published photographer, and a newbie at writing, but our goal is
to produce several photo essays out of this trip including one about amphibious
cars, focusing on the most popular, the Amphicar, and MOST importantly the
people that own them (if we can find any of the elusive creatures).

We truly appreciate your help, and can't wait to see your cars.

Darren Sweet
PictureChasers Photography
1970 Quebec St
Penticton BC
V2A 7P2

phone: (250) 490-6665
toll-free: 1-866-333-9378


watercar64 wrote:

> What time do we meet at gas work park, and does it get
>real choppy through the Mount Lake cut, I:ll try to be there , if
>every thing goes right,
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