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Which engine is in the Amphicar? Is it the 6:1 compression or the 8:1?

I ordered a Pertronix ign system for her. I got the one that has a
time out feature. It turns off the ign if the key is left on. I
suspect this is why my coil fried on the way home from the body shop.
This should end that problem.

John "so very close" Bevins

David Chapman

All Amphicar engines were the same as the Herald, 8:1 or 8:5 compression ratio,
Spitfire is up to 10:1 but needs High Octane fuel to support that.

The 6:1 was designed for low grade fuel, Triumph fitted it to some export cars
to India and other places, possibly South America.

Electronic ignition systems can be fitted to the Herald engine but you should
make sure you carry the original parts and can easilly fit them so you don't get
stuck when they fail.

David Chapman