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One man car show


Ken Chambers

Wow, what an attention magnet we have (as if you didn't already know that). I
drove our Red '64 Amphi over to Santa Cruz yesterday to see the "Woodies on the
Wharf" car show with my wife and young son. The slow crawl down the wharf
with a line of cars gave the throngs of pedestrians a good opportunity to see
and hear the Amphicar. We were lucky enough to find a parking spot on the wharf
not far from the Woodies. Immediately we were surrounded. Everyone was talking
Amphicar and wanted to get a closer look. As you well know, we're all quite
used to the average small crowd of Amphicar curious people, but this was
somewhat unexpected. I'm talking three deep at times to see the car. It was
great fun
answering everyone's questions, but after an hour I wanted to see the Woodies.
So I popped in the navigation light, hung the Amphicar flag (thanks Marc and
Elizabeth), and propped open the hood so everyone could get a look while we
for a while.

After returning from seeing the 150 or so great looking Woodies, the Amphicar
was still drawing as much attention as before. In fact, much more attention
than any single Woodie in the show. Had I had the foresight, I should have hung
wood on the side and entered Amphi in the show. If one of the Woodie guys were
smart, they could have put their number on the Amphi for votes.

And then there was that placidly smooth Bay looking oh sooo inviting just below
the huge wharf jam packed with car crazy people. Water, water everywhere but
nary a place to sail.

Ken Chambers, CA
Still winding down from the attention high

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