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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by David Derer, Oct 28, 2000.

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    It is a strange kind of feeling stripping an Amphi. And before any of
    you start complaining a pair of fins and glass does not an Amphi make.
    It was such a waste though. This 66 was parked at same time as my other
    66. Mileage the same. Color the same. Difference was one sat outside
    uncovered. As I pull parts off and see the new brakes,clutch, and wheel
    bearings I had to wonder why. The trans shifts easily into gear and with
    new clutch that couldnt be bad. The engine now is frozen but valves look
    as new.No chunks in pan so I dont think it was bad.Suspension is
    complete and nice.I can only guess the lips rusted off and it was
    delegated to back yard. Man o man I wish he would of had a roof and
    walls around it. The lady was scared I would be dissapointed after
    traveling to Maryland. I assured her I wasnt. Parts are already being
    scattered across U.S.. That doesnt include all the rust on
    interstates.So one Amphi had to rust away so others could sail away. Oh
    yea I took off distributor cap and there was no rotor! I wonder if it
    had too many rotor problems. Or did it "fall" of at Bill Connelly's?
    Later Dave the Wave

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