Arnold Hite

About Oldsmobile:
My dad had a 67 Olds 88 when I was in highschool. It had a 455 cu.in.
v8, vinyl bench seats, and AM radio.
What I remember most about that car was the Saturday afternoon washings I
gave it to prepare for my weekend date. I remember pulling the seat belt
buckles out to the end of their straps so that they could drape over the
edge of the seat. This way my date wouldn't have to sit on the buckles, and
she would have an unobstructive path in case she decided to slide over and
sit next to me. Even today the sound of seatbelt buckles clanging together
makes my eyes mist up.
About my wander. I've replace the front wheel bearings. They were
pitted and a little loose. Everything is back together and the car is off
the jack stand. Now if I can just get home before dark, I'll test her out.
I have low expectations and fully expect that eventually I'll be
disassembling the front end to replace the pivot stub axle bushing wha- cha-

Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC