Olde Newsletters Project Snagged



The 'Olde Newsletters Scanning Project', where we're scanning newsletters of
former Amphicar clubs of the 60s, 70s and 80s for the 'Members Area' of the
Club website, has hit sort of a black spot.

It seems that the Club Archives only held the Newsletters of Jim Nichols'
Amphicar Club for 1976 and a single issue from 1977. Thanks to Karl Vacek's
loan of his personal collection, we've now got access to a couple of issues
from '77 we didn't have, all twelve issues from 1979 and the January through
July issues of 1980. This leaves all of 1978 and most issues of 1977 still
unaccounted for.

PLEASE! If you have any of the following newsletter issues that you could
lend to the Club, please drop me a line off list:

~ Any issue from 1977 after volume 2, issue 3 (Winter 1979)
~ Any issue from 1978
~ Any issue after July 1980
~ Any issue of the "Gator Gossip" newsletter of the 1960s apart from the
Fall '67 one