Old Years Eve

Midwest Amphicar

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What a decade, what a year. So many life understandings. Change truly is constant. Everyday should be an Amphi day. But many times it is not. Please take a moment, reflect, be thankful, be forgiving and be grateful to all that have touched our lives. Love....... So many of You have touched My life; Our lives. God has truly blessed Me and My Family because of owners of silly Amphicars. Happy New Year Dave the Wave and Family


Amphicar Expert
Happy New Year Dave and Family and all our Amphi friends. Chris and I wish everyone a safe one and a great 2010


Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
Dave! I couldn't agree more! I just realized I've been doing Amphicars for 12+ years now. Twelve years since I found my 1st Amphicar, "the Minnow" (now the Bat-mobile) in a shed in Alabama. Owned quite a few since, restored a few too. WOW! I've been blessed with many great friends across this country. I've been also blessed by the loss of some too. The true friends I have are the real friends that truly know ME and choose to believe in me. They have essentialy seperated the "wheat from the chaffe" for me. In spite of all the complications and such I endure because of the wreck, I have an awesome woman by my side, a great family behind me and many friends surrounding me. Hopefully in a year or two, my body will be recovered as much as it can from all the trauma. I'm alive and re-building my life.

It is a new decade, a new year, another new start so I want to wish my friends a long healthy life, blessed with true love, understanding, tolerance, prosperity and true happiness for you and yours!