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is there any reason to keep my old shock absorbers? maybe one of each to keep as an emergency back-up in case a new one breaks, but other than that? and what other original, warn parts off the car should be kept, instead of just tossing? I still have the original clutch, after installing the J. Friese clutch. is it worth anything on ebay or to just keep with the car?


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There are some folks who say you should keep everything. I suppose that depends on your tolerance for clutter and availability of storage space.

If it is not something rebuildable and is not unique unobtanium, I tend to toss it or offer it for free or sale to others.

Most shocks are not rebuildable and the likelihood of new one failing is slim. Given the labor, I would never bother with a used clutch when new ones are available.

I do hoard hardware, nuts bolts, fasteners, etc. That stuff always comes in handy even if on another vehicle.


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When Hugh was alive he would ask for used pressure plates and disks. I believe they would pay something for them. You might give Gordon's a call and see if they would still like them.

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