Old Club Newsletters



I was reading through the old Club newsletters from the 70's
posted on the Club website and to my surprise, I found the car
I own now for sale in the December '76 issue in the classifieds.
It was interesting to know that the car had only 1800 miles on
it back then, and only 2100 miles on it when I purchased it 18
years later. Also, I was surprised to see the asking price was
$10,000 way back then! I guess that's the reason it didn't sell
for 18 years!!

Thanks Bilgey for posting the old newsletters for all to see.
Those really are valuable history for us Amphicar owners. If
anyone has not read those, I suggest you do so. After reading
about the common problems that everyone had with their cars
back then and with no way of getting parts, we should all be
grateful that we have the resources today to be able to drive,
swim, and enjoy our cars care-free. Equally we are fortunate
to have a great support network ranging from Gordon Imports,
our Club, this Digest, and to individual Amphicar owners who
have innovatively manufactured solutions to many problems
that in the past, rendered our cars useless.

Thanks to everyone who has made a huge contribution to
keeping our Amphicars alive and better than ever.

Rick Young