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Old and still coool...

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Old and still coool...

Its not every day one gets to share an Amphi
ride with someone in their mid 80's, much less
a married couple - both over 80 years young!
It was a terribly slow entry, as if we were in
s-l-o-w motion with someone hitting the pause
button every other second. Amphi and I did
that on purpose of course. We reckoned we
should do the slow entry rather than do a big
splash and risk soiling someone's Depends or
worse... cause a pacemaker to skip off. The
couple truly loved Amphi and couldn't thank
us enough. The sweet old lady even spoke to
Amphi like he was one of her own. The old
couple joined hands a walked away glowing.
Hope Mermaid & I mange that level of grace
in our later years.

Met Steve & Connie with there red `64 Amphi
for a little cruise. Fun having two Amphis
in the same body of water. Later that evening
Mermaid & I had a pizza and a bottle of wine
on the lake. Anyone reading this who doesn't
yet know the joys of the amphibious lifestyle

`64 Turquoise (new upholstery on order)
San Diego, CA

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