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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Allan Woodcock, Aug 11, 2001.

  1. Allan Woodcock

    A friend of mine sent me original Amphicar articles from Popular Science
    (July 1960) and Popular Mechanics (June 1961). I know I have seen these
    somewhere on one of the Amphicar sites. Please tell me where.

    The PS article shows an early version of the car with an Austin engine.
    Was this a prototype or were some of these cars made? It appears that
    they had not yet completed the upper body we are used to. The bottom
    pan appears to be the same. Wheelbase was 80 inches.

    The PM article shows a car with the radiator to the right of the
    engine. How many of you guys have that kind of set up?

    Can I send copies to anyone?

    Red ?67
  2. miabumpa@aol.com

    <font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">would like a copy of your artical sounds interesting, thanks

    jay killeen

    3510 w. river dr.

    janesville wi. 53545 </font>

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