OK guys start saving for Crusty!!

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> I passed the necessary information on to Billy yesterday afternoon. Assuming
> all goes well, as soon as we know more as to the exact cost, a donations
> webpage will be created for the many well-wishers who'd like to help defray
> Billy's costs. Stay tuned here...~Bilgey~
OK guys start saving!! It's gonna cost a lot to save Crusty and we all need
to help a little. I trust here will soon be a method to donate to the save
the Crusty fund. We all need to make some kind of gesture of support. This
rescue will cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to complete even if Bilgy's tip is as
good as it sounds. We need to have a target of AT LEAST three thousand
dollars. So lets get ready to chip in a couple bucks both Billy deserves it
and Crusty needs it. Tommy in Tampa

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