Ok Amphipod now I believe you

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Doug Parsons, Sep 5, 2000.

  1. Doug Parsons

    Doug Parsons Guest

    Please heed all advice that Amphipod gives you as his wisdom is far
    seeing and all wise.

    I am basing this on the fact that as I was leaving lake cumberland in
    Ky www.statedock.com on Sunday and heading up the hill after spending
    the whole day in the lake I hear this Ker Blam and then all of a
    sudden the amphi is as quiet as a real car. Hmmm I don't think we
    spilled any beverage cans out of the car.Upon further inspection I
    notice me generator light on luckily we are only a couple hunderd
    feet form the cabin and after we arrive I look into the engine
    compartment and my fears are confirmed my Bakelight pulley is in
    shreads like it exploded.

    So please heed all of amphipods advice as he is psychic.

    Although I have a theory Amphipod how are your motor mounts are they
    soft when your pulley busted and how many people did you have in the
    car when it blew up.


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