OK, after this one I give up...

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OK, after this one I give up...
More useless nautical trivia to amuse and confuse
the innocent and inflict guilt upon the anonymous
Amphi sign gift giver.

"Most of the early ships had heads of mythological
monsters or patrons carved in the bow; hence, the
terms "figure head," "the heads" and the term "eyes
of the ship" followed from the eyes of the figures
placed there. Large "eyes" are still painted on the
bows of Chinese junks.
Sailors also believe that these "eyes" help them and
their ship through a storm by magically seeing the
right of way. One particular Sailor's tale says that
on the day before he was to sail, he bought his wife
two beautiful, green emeralds for earrings. He was
heartbroken when she did not like them, so instead
he used them as the eyes of the female "figure head"
on the bow of his ship.
His wife had a change of heart that night, and
unbeknownst to her husband, removed the emeralds
from the wooden figure. She planned to wear them
upon his return, but he never did. One day after sailing,
his ship steered right into a typhoon and sank. Some
say it was because the ship could not "see" as his wife
had stolen the ship's "eyes." When the wife heard the
news, she cried for days until she fell asleep. When she
awoke, she was blind...and the two beautiful emeralds
had disappeared."

This really is cruel. Posting this sort of drivel in a lame
attempt to uncover the origin of my gift Amphi parking
sign. Maybe my Mermaid wife is right... I should just
hang it on the wall, forget about it, and leave you poor
amphibians alone. Maybe someone gave me that sign
to shut me up. Yes, that's probably it. Well, okay I'll
go away until I can thank someone for their incredible
generosity. I will self banish myself from posting
anything further... Starting NOW.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego

PS - I'm still doing my newsletter column - So there! :)>p)

Ralph Fowler N4NEQ

Its best to give up- You'll never pry it out of anyone.
Just put it in front of your house and give Amphi her rightful spot of honor.
(only in good weather, of course) and AWAY from those horrible Scripps
Ranch drivers!

At 11:59 PM 1/12/01 +0000, you wrote:
>OK, after this one I give up...
>More useless nautical trivia to amuse and confuse
>the innocent and inflict guilt upon the anonymous
>Amphi sign gift giver.