Oil Wars Revisited


Ed Price

There has been much discussion about the best oils and lubricants for the marine
environment (full disclosure: our list has a bit of an association with Amsoil).
I must admit that I conservatively pour a new round of dinosaur juice into my
daily driver every 4,000 miles or so. But, from all that I've read and heard,
I'm going to use Amsoil products in my Amphi.

So far, I have ordered, and begun to use, a case of the Amsoil chassis lube. It
seems to "stick" in place very well, and doesn't seem to flow away from where
you stick it. Plus, it has a very nice royal blue color (subjective, but so

The relative quality of synthetic motor oils is harder to judge, as most people
don't have the ability (or patience) to put thousands of miles on a lubricant
and evaluate it's before & after characteristics. So, just as some interesting
reading, you can look at a site where they have done a Mobil 1 life test, and
are now starting on an Amsoil life test. (BTW, the Amsoil is looking a bit
better than Mobil 1, so far.)


El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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