Oil Cooler - NOT!!!



Twas time to change the oil in
Amphi. Reckoned I'd put on those
new oil cooler hoses too since
the oil filter is typically in
the way of a wrench. Amphi had
been running increasingly warmer
and warmer lately. For better
or worse the oil cooler lines
have aluminum nuts - very easy
to strip too. In classic Amphi
fashion the job multipled into
tearing out the radiator, fan
shrouds, fan, and hoses. Then
I spied the true casue of my
Amphi's running 'hotter than
normal' problem. The outside of
oil cooler core vanes were a
clogged mess, oily debris, dead
bugs, leaves, stuff you wouldn't
think could get in that area. For
sure there was little to no, if
any, breathing room thru the oil
cooler core. Could that be the
source of other Amphis running
on the warm side? Tragic to not
have Amphi running this holiday
weekend, but if one other owner
clues in on this as a cause for
Amphi running hot and it helps...
then it was worth it. Hope our
friends at Gordons have oil
coolers as I striped my nuts
getting that sucker out. Even
mounted in a vise with pipe
wrenches it was fussed together
like a solid piece. So goes
yet another Amphipoda wrench

Amphipoda - striped nuts
'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA