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Changed Amphi's oil this weekend. Don't ask what brand or type of oil I used, I do not want to start any wars.

I do hate changing the oil on Amphi so this time I took a different approach, I used my fluid extractor. Inserted tube down dipstick and about 7 minutes later was done.

Mityvac 07400


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I change the drain plug to a Allan type,Drain kit.JPG
and a tube threw bilge hole, no Oil in bilge.! Nice to have a Hoist! It is important to get every bit of oil out and bottom of pans are usually covered in sludge unless you have taken the pan off and cleaned it.


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Several newer vehicles no longer even have drain plugs and the change is done using an extractor. of course those vehicles have more modern engines which run much cleaner than our Amphi tractor motors!

I do agree that removing the drain plug is more likely to clear out anything lurking at the bottom of the oil pan. For me, my engine was rebuilt and my oil always comes out very clean so I will probably only remove the plug every 3rd change or so. I have not tried it with the transmission yet but that is my next job.
I had an Italian car that used O7IO, at least that's what the cap said when it was upside down ;). I used to get that question at car shows....