Oh Those Fins

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  1. During the process of replacing our the muffler on our Amphi, I don't
    think the work could be done without removing the hood. As I have
    said B4, one thing leads to a dozen others no matter what car, boat or
    machine you are working on, and this task is no exception.

    Oh those fins, they are sharp, and my chest feels it as I stretch and
    bend over and into the engine compartment to do the work.

    We did a dry fit of all muffler components B4 tightening anything, a
    little machining here and there has given way to a smooth press fit of
    all. Bending the support band has been fun to say the least, we
    should have it finished tonight baring anymore of that domino

    Does anyone have the torque specs for the intake/exhaust manifold

    Another question: When a door doesn't want to latch every time you
    close it, what is the cause?

    Marty & Caryl
    BUOYANT 64 Turq, WI
  2. David Chapman

    Torque is 12-14 lbs on those nuts, and they should be brass (less likely to
    stick or vibrate off) at least smear them with copper paste.

    Hugh has an explination about door bounce and adjustment, does anyone
    remember the detail ?

    David Chapman in the UK

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