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Purchased a NOS speedometer/odometer from Gordon's and was wondering if there was an easy way to set the odometer to match my old one. My current one reads 1436 miles. It may be two years before I will install it, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks, Paul


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Speedometer shops can open up the gauge and dial in whatever mileage you want. Other than that you can connect up a piece of speedometer cable to an electric drill and run it for a day or so to get the mileage up. Given the rather low mileage that you are looking for that might be feasible.

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If all thats wrong with your old speedo is that the guage is in bad shape, and Chrome etc is good you can redeacal it with my kits and have proper milage.
$50 for all the units. speedo cluster and clock.100_2833.JPG


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Thank you Gord and John. My old speedo was trashed, glass and needle broken along with chrome dented. I purchased one along with the cluster gauge while they were on weekend special at Gordon's. I will try the speedo cable and drill number. I did already experiment with a cordless drill, and it does take quite a bit of time. I know why John said about using an electric drill. Thanks again, Paul