Odd things.. & Whatsit?



Odd-ness - I was looking thru my "Welcome Aboard" fold out brochure
and I noticed the bilge blower vent (in the L fender) shown has 2
seperate round vents instead of the familiar single rectangular one.
Was this a prototype or?

Whatsit - Then I was looking at the pic of the bilge pump, just to
the right the pic shows a flat round shaped object (~4" dia) that
appears to have a couple of wires hooked to it possibly from the pump
itself. What it that?

Winter swimming - As far as damage to the Amphi goes, I would be
mostly concerned about the props. That cold water will make them more
brittle and prone to breaking. Aside from that, should something bad
happen, you won't stand much of a chance in the cold water. Not that
I wouldn't do it! :)

John Bevins - 12 deg, 10" of snow and counting