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We are finally legal, we put our boat numbers on last evening. We
have been running (and swimming) around with the New Hampshire numbers
on that came when we purchased our little beauty.

The choices that had to be dealt with B4 numbering were pretty tough.
Choices like, what style and color of numbers, where to mount, above
the Amphicar insignia, along the bumper strip, on magnetic material
for quick removal at a moments notice and more.

Along the white bumper strip...

On the subject of the misalignment of our oil drain plug with the
bilge drain hole, could someone have done the motor mount job wrong
and that's why the .50 offset or do they only go one way and the
mounts are definitely bad.

We both enjoyed the story yesterday about the couple who found
themselves in situation looking for an exit ramp.

We are very happy with and are enjoying our car so much.

Marty & Caryl

I cannot follow the number thing now that it is back. I really think no one
really knows the answers. Our amphi has a number of 100335. The tag sez it
was built in 1962. The car is titled in Wisconsin as a 1963. I bought the car
from the original owner's wife after he passed away in 1994. We were in
Celina in 2002 for our first trip to our clubs event. Members looked at our
pride and joy and asked me questions I could not answer. Why does our Amphi
have rear bumpers that do not match others? Why does our Amphi not have the
transmission check area like others do? We have a small fill area near the
front. Other members thought ours was a really early car. But looking at the
numbers our Amphi should have been built in 1963. Who else has the small fill
area near the axle? I don not think any one really know the answers we all
just guess.

Tim Wick
]1963 or 64 or 62 white or red or blue or whatever in Wisconsin
or where ever

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dougn200 <>

Before Bilgy tells us to shut up and go check the archives :cool: I
think I rember someone from over the pond saying the plates were
added when the car was sold thus is the reason some of the later
cars have the original 6 digit serial number body puttied out.

I do know Hugh has or has had blank plates available


I,too,have the small fill hole located near the axle. My car is
"birthmarked" 100202 and is a 1962 model. It does not have the flares on the
quarter panels nor does it have the blower. It does have the prop shields and
what I believe to be the "normal" size bilge plug.

What about the transmission number that is stamped on the top of the main
case?? I seem to remember that mine said 505? does that seem correct?

Perhaps we should take a look at that number to place some chronology to
our beloved Amphis.


62 Blue and serial number 100202!

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