Now that was a snow storm!



Ok, I know you all were happy not to hear from me for 2 days. Here's
the story ...70 deg. and on the HD on Saturday, Out for a swim on
Sunday, Blizzard conditions leaving 30"+ of snow on Wednesday! (some
places got up to 86") I posted a pic of my parts car, yes it is in
there! The fence is 48" so you can judge the depth. It was snowing so
hard even my Siberian Husky (Sasha) wouldn't go out. Wuss. :) I was
out playing in it, breaking trails for the farmers, and pullling
people out.

Dave - I had it all planned out to stop by with the Georgia Amphi for
the swim. but the guy was unable to get it from Georgia to Dayton. :(
If anyone can help out, let me know. Otherwise I will be planning a
trip to Georgia at the end of April.

John F. - I know where the leaks are. I don't mind a dribble, in
fact, I prefer a manageable one. It allows some water in for those
extra hot days to help cool the engine by bathing the pan in cool
lake water. Besides, it's always good for a laugh when you pull out
and bilge all over the ramp! ;)

John "Up to his A** in snow" Bevins