Now BOTH Manuals to be on CD!



The delay in getting these done is that I have decided to add the
entire parts manual to the CD too. So now you will have BOTH
Maintenance AND Parts manual on one CD. I have no idea when they will
be ready as they are VERY time consuming. I hope soon though.

For the Maintenance manual, you will be able to find most any single
paragraph with 1 or 2 clicks and search for any word(s). The color
schematic will be in full color and large enough that you can zoom in
about 600+% on any part. I will have packages deals for CD, Hard
Manual and Schematics. The 11 x 22 schematics are great in the
garage, small enough to have in the car while you work and not to big
to be in the way. The large ones are great for the wall for quick
referance and laminated for durability and so you can make notes and
wipe them off later.

Prices will depend on many factors and thus have not been set. They
will be a reasonable cost to cover my time and expenses in designing
the covers and the many hours of spell checking, formatting and
cleaning up the pictures one by one. I tried to keep them appearing
as close to the originals as possible.

So if anyone has any suggestions for any aspect of the CDs that you
would like to see, please let me know. They are being done for you
after all.

John Bevins

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