Notes About Rear Engine Mounts


Arnold Hite

I just finished replacing the rear engine mounts in my 64 Amphicar.
The sequence listed in the Service Manual is incomplete, failing to
mention many critical steps. Bob, at Gordon Imports was very helpful but
still failed to give the complete sequence. Below is what is required.

1. Begin by disconnecting all hoses, fasteners, mounting bolts and
screws. Pay no attention to sequencing. Chances are all are broken
anyway and will need to be replaced.
2. Notice previous owner's failed attempts to loosen the oil cooler
hoses with pliers, resulting in beautifully rounded nuts holding the
hose tight against the assembly.
3. Abandon fantasy search for a rounded nut wrench, and formulate a plan
to disconnect the hoses from behind oil filter mount .
4. Observe that a standard human wrist allows for about 10 degrees
rotation for each hard won fitting of the wrench to the hidden nuts
behind the oil filter mount.
5. Set aside about 30 minutes to remove the two hidden nuts. This might
be a good time to have that sensitive conversation with your wife or
loved one .
6. Gather up mismatched nuts screws washers and rubber grommets used to
fasten radiator assembly housing to the radiator assembly brackets.
Discard. Plan trip to hardware store.
7. Begin contortion training classes to prepare for the removal of the
four retaining bolts holding the radiator fan to water pump. Access to
the bolts is through radiator cowling and between radiator blades.
Schedule tetanus shot booster.
8. Attempt to pull the radiator assembly straight up and out as
described in the service manual.
9. After failure of Step 8, notice that with worn out rear engine motor
mounts, the engine teeters back and down, preventing the removal of the
radiator assembly as discussed in the Service Manual.
10. Begin a betting pool on which item in the engine compartment will be
damaged as you ultimately force the radiator assembly up and out.
11. Pull, yank and twist radiator assembly.
12. Repeat step 11. (Time for completion of steps 11 and 12 may vary.)
13. With radiator assembly removed, and fresh from a good night's sleep,
pay off winning bet and observe two black gooey blobs under the engine,
which at one time must have been motor mounts.
14. Acquire a large box of latex gloves. About a 20 pair are needed to
get the old motor mounts out of the car without without transferring the
gooey tar to your hands.
15. Set aside about 30 minutes to clean all tools after removing old
motor mounts.
16. Install new clean and firm motor mounts. Observe that engine oil
drain plus is now perfectly aligned with bilge plug hole. Aaaaahhhhhh!

Arnold Hite
Nice 66 Blue
Nightmare 64 White