Gord Souter

This is Gord Souter in Canada.
I am heading to Florida mid Dec. with my 64 blue in tow.To a place callewd
In a previos conversation I invited people to call on me if there down that
way as I love to get out with other Ampfi owners.I will be there till the
end of Jan.I hve never been there before and don't know the waters in that
area but there is lots.I will be in a trailer park so theres not much
parking area.
Every Saterday from 6pm on is a GREAT criuse nite at Kisamee's OLD
which I plan to go to.
This is a great place to take the wife and kids as it is set up as a old
time steet and carnival
(eg RIDES)
I have been driving my car an reg unleaded since 95 with no problems but
after the info opn the net here I am going to add a led sub.
#3 to get a muffler that looks like the original I got one off a 1988 skidoo
status and it works great.but there now hard to find too.

my phone number is 1 705 327 7591 and it will be on call forward when I
leave snow country.

Message: 6
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 15:35:24 -0000
Subject: New to Amphicar

Hi, I'm Tommy, Lynne and I just aquired two Amphis and we have a ton
of questions.
Two that come to mind are 1) what do we do about fuel? Is running
them on unleaded going to "cook" them? How do we protect them?
2) can we get stock mufflers? One car has an oiginal that looks like
it was repaired in Braising 101 while the other has a muffler that
functions well but is not and does not look stock.
The cars arrive here in sunny warm Tampa Fla. from sunny cold Old
Town Idho on Monday. Then the "fun" will begin.
I understand that there is going to be a get together in Frostproof
Fla. Did we miss it?