NOS Petersen Vice-Grips, 4LN, 6LN, under Wilde Name $23


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Saw this on GarageJournal. Just picked some up for myself.
Hey guys, one more Christmas deal I found surfing during my toddler sitting time the last few days. Found a 4LN and 6LN long nose vice grips set, new old stock, US made by Petersen Nebraska Vice-Grips rebanded under the Wilde name. I happened to be looking for old stock long nose, as those were the ones I did not have. A good deal for $23, shipped.

While real Petersen made Vice-Grips in good NOS condition are very hard to find now and very expensive when you can, I've found Vice-Grip made locking pliers under other names also made in Petersen Nebraska back in the day. I have an old SK 10" branded Petersen for instance, identical to Petersen Vice-Grip but for the different stamped name on them. These appear to be Petersens for Wilde. Petersen experts, correct me if wrong on this, being Petersen made vs. just US made, but appears so to me, as it has the split pin on the handle, at the release lever, a Petersen sign. I got a set! - Merry Christmas -