NOS Original Amphicar wiper blades available.

These are a great find if you want to bring your Amphicar back to original condition. A pair of new and boxed SWF stamped wiper blades. We have bought a few sets and they are great, just about identical to original fit, the rubber in the blades are perfect and wipe cleanly, on some the rubber circle where the arm attaches needs replacing but that is easy with a short length of silicon vacuum tube.

I know repo blades are available but it's always nice to have original quality especially on a part that is so visible on the car.
The seller is in Greece but ships worldwide. When we last spoke to him he had 40 sets left.
I should just add these are the later style fitted to later Amphicars (in Europe anyway) that are coated in a satin silver paint, they aren't the ones found on US Amphicars that are made of stainless, however they work the same, all the joints are tight which is important, and as you can see from the pictures you have to look closely to spot the difference.


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You guys should know that Gordon's is selling blades for just under $13 per blade and they claim they are stainless and chrome. That's about the same price with shipping as the $38/pair blades on Ebay. I haven't seen them since I use plastic wipers to protect the windshield in case something weird happens. I replaced both windshields on my cars when I bought them because of scratches on the glass that wouldn't buff out. I might get a set for shows however.

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I have a pair of NOS wipers (not from Cyprus) on my car and had to replace the rubber after a few weeks. The wiper edge had separated from the rest of the rubber. I would advise to replace the rubber soon, so the windshield is not damaged.
Yes we have seen NOS rubber parts where the rubber has failed, I think a lot depends how they are stored. These seem really good, the rubber is soft and pliable like the originals and they clean the screen perfectly. The box says made in West Germany so they are pre 1989 but could have been made 60s, 70s or even 1980s. Even if you do need to change the rubber in the future what is really nice is all the hinges are tight so the blade doesn't tilt like the originals do.

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