North Carolina Amphies


Arnold Hite


Perhaps we have met before. I have two Amphie down here in
Charleston. I figure there are about twice as many Amphicars between
Georgia and North and South Carolina as there are registered members of
the club. There may be more. We should all meet.
I have been trying to find a small town festival with a lake or
river nearby that could serve as a place for us to meet and have a
little fun. So far I have not found anything in South Carolina. All
the places I know have salt water. Perhaps Hartsville SC would work. I
know they have a lake practically in the middle of town, but I do not
know of any festival. There is something at White Lake N.C. in May
that sounds interesting but I will probably be out of the country for
May. Let me know if you know of any festivals that would be good for
the Amphicars. I will meet you there and try to recruit some others.

Arnold Hite
Charleston (Johns Island)
South Carolina