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  1. richard martin

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    <font face="Arial" color="#000080" size="4">My alternator pulley also exploded and as soon as it did I noticed the engine became very quite. Does anyone know what causes theloud engine noise? Is it the fan? is it the water pump?</font>
  2. I had a similar noise on my props shafts when the universals were
    going out although it was more of a squeaking and seemed to go away
    when we were under way and more sqeaky when at an idle speed(
    probably could just hear it better). But if you put the props in
    nuetral and turn by hand you can feel the bearings are ruff or if you
    unhook from xmissions which is easy you can manipulate the
    universals and see how they feel it is kind of an experiance thing.
    But I would imagine you can engage the xmission with the props
    unhooked and see how it sounds it may point you the right way.


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