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That sounds like a good idea. Using a small bead of silicone to seal the boot
to the wheel cylinder would help keep dirt and water out. I will try it on
mine before the spring swim.
Tim Wick (not the guy from Wisconsin who lost his head,)

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Oopps sorry about that last post I thought I was sending it to Dave the Wave
not the whole list.


Well, I figured it out. Boy do I feel stupid. I reversed the main wires on
the solenoid now it starts from the key and all lights work!

Marc Schlemmer

....Welcome, Paul....(soon to be yellow)! We're glad to have you join the
Amphicar crowd...and keep us posted on your progress!

...Hey isettaman.....the New York Swim In you asked about is August 18.
You can find information about it on the Club web page calendar at:

Speaking of Amphicar events,.....this Somerset, Kentucky event might just be
a good one! (see it listed on the calendar of events page, too) Elizabeth
and I are really looking forward to it, and I'm sure that Steven Fischer
will be a super host. But...if you are planning on attending, PLEASE, let
Steve know you are coming. He's planning meals and such, and needs an
accurate count. He is at sjfischer1@msn.com

....I agree....the signs that Mike had made up are A#1. Very nice! Thanks,

As for the Amphicar tools, I think that Hugh has them to loan out. I'm not
positive, but I think so. But Dave the Wave just sent a set of the tools
home with me from Celina so that I could make CAD drawings of them so that
they could possibly be reproduced....and maybe make the beginning of a Club
Tool Library. I didn't ask Dave how long I could keep the tools...but I
have to admit, I haven't had a chance to even look through them yet let
alone begin drawing them up. I hope to get some drawn up soon.
I'm not sure if the set is complete. {Mike...I'll look for the tool you
asked about}

Marc Schlemmer.


We are under a flash flood warning for Milwaukee County. N o rain here since
June 17th. Hope it pours.


Someone just asked me why are there three holes on the body by the door
sills. Noticeable when the doors are open. I never really paid attention to
this. Do they all have them and what do they do?

Tim Wick


Hello, The holes are drain holes and drain into the space behind the rocker
panel. There are drain holes in that space that need to be cleaned and you
have to lift the floor to access them. Hope this helps . MarkAmsdill Mich. 62

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Tim, If you had a leaky old rust bucket like mine you would know for sure.
Those are drain holes, as the door seals leak the water drains into the
bilge. It would come inside the car and onto the floor if not for those
holes. That really freaks out your nonamphi passengers. As the water drains
through those holes you just hear a little tinkle. And that does not scare
them or you so bad. Tommy in Tampa

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Gord Souter

lock up.
Just tryed cutting down brake shoes as they are suppose to be and still
locksup in reverse.I am sure its in the trany...wierd!!
If I go slow its ok but give it the gas like normal then get ready to stop
and bang it locks up
GORD in Canada..

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Thanks for the update Cap'n John, you have given me the that certain drive.
You really are an inspiration. Almost any one can do anything if you put your
mind to it and don't give up. Thanks for your inspiration.
Tim Wick
parked for the winter in Wisconsin.

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A club member mentioned that the State of Indiana had lowered his license
plate and boater's registration costs because the state agrees that excise
tax should not have to be paid twice on the same vehicle. Please tell me
more as my request was sent down to the main State office, and it was

Rob Vondracek
' 64 red

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I would like to host the "Swim on the Ultimate Lake" in Valparaiso IN on
Saturday, 6-21-03. Long lake is as good as it gets and I have access to a
friend's wooded acre of lake front property with the perfect Amphi
launching spot. Lunch will be served. There are lots of hotels and a camp
ground nearby. I'll arrange discounts.

On Friday or Sunday, there are lots of great protected harbors on Lake
Michigan both NE to the state of Michigan or NW to Chicago. They are all
total fun and are about an hour away. This area is Amphicar heaven! I will
be available on both days as 1 day of fun is not enough for me.

The date is flexible; I tried to place it 5 weeks or so after "Swim with
Dave" and the same amount before Celina. I would like to have as many folks
as possible, and please bring your Amphis. Please comment and I'll change
the date if needed.

Rob Vondracek
' 64 red

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Jack Bardsley

Hi All,
I can't believe it. I signed up for this list a month ago and I finally got on.
I am thrilled to be on this e-group. I have a few (6)classic and antique cars
and trucks in various degrees of completion. I have a 1959 T-bird in concours
condition (98 point) and a 1948 GMC pickup in #5 condition.
Anyway, to get to the point of my joining this group. I have been looking to
purchase a high #3 to a very high #2 Amphicar.
I have been an enthusiast of these great vehicles since they came out ( yes I am
that old). Unfortunately for me, I know very little about them and what to look
I am looking forward to listening to you all.
Thanks very much,

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Hi guys,
I know that this is not an Amphi, but I have just been asked by a Japanese
friend, to list a really nice 1975 BMW 2002 "M3" copy on Ebay. It is a
beautiful car with a very rerasonable reserve price. Check it out at <A
Motors item 1872923950 (Ends Nov-27-02?16:08:04 PST ) - BMW : 2002</A> or search
for item number 1872923950.
Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

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The mail just arrived! An Amphicar surprise is waiting for you.
Thank you
Tim Wick
12 degrees in Wisconsin

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To anyone interested,
I will be driving to the States from
Toronto in early June.
I have a used transmission that had very few miles on it when car bought
however it was froze and the repair shop never discovered how to open it up.
Have no idea of its inside condition.
Anyone interested in purchasing before i leave send me a e-mail
Graham Royls

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Doubt I'll sleep tonight. Celina on my mind.
Worried about Amphi and his long haul from
San Diego to Ohio. Also worried he'll need
some fixing and parts might be hard to find.
So we each get a one minute interview for a
tape of Celina 2003. Hmmm... what to say?
I know, I will offer my services as a sort of
Dr. Amphi-little who can talk to the Amphis
and relay all what they say. Okay, so I'm
not a mechanical wizard, but I can tell what
sex an Amphi is. That's freakin talent!!!
Leave tomorrow morning EARLY! Hope
to see a hundred amphibians running amuck.
See you in Celina? the place to be in 2003!

'64 Turquoise (somewhere in Ohio by now?)
San Diego, CA

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