No need to remove the hub!




John, a colo native, wrote:

No need to remove the hub! I was always told "Work smarter, not
harder" Of course, these are things you figure out after you leave
your knuckles hanging from a bolt. ;O :) With the following process,
I can install new shoes in about 10 minutes per wheel.

To install the springs;

- With one shoe in each hand, attach the bottom spring between the 2
shoes in the correct orientation.
- Holding the 2 shoes/spring assembly like a "V", Place the assembly
in it's correct position at the bottom of the backing plate.
- CAREFULLY Rotate the shoes upward using them as a lever to stretch
the spring and hold the shoes in place.
- Check that the the brake cylinder has engaged on both shoes
- Slide the emergency brake bar in behind the hub, be sure to install
it in the correct orientation.
- Install the upperr spring.
- Repeat

The problem is in the step "Install the upper spring." Installing the
spring is tough, which is why it is often easier to remove the hub. This
gives some space to work with the spring. Actually, with the hub removed,
you can place both springs on and then get each shoe in place, one by one.


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