night lights



If you are like me and swim at night a lot, this may be for you.

At night it is hard to see the gages while in the water because they
are not lit unless you have the road lights on. The white bulbs are
perfect for the road, but on the water they are too bright and I
don't like to run my park lights on the water.

I found some 12V red LEDs at Auto Zone (3 per package). I wired them
to the marine light switch. They have very small wires (30AWG or so)
so I inserted them into the original bulb sockets with the leads
protruding through the slots (no drilling!), re-inserted the original
bulb & socket behind them. Yoiu may have to play with the orientation
to get the best illumination.

Now when I am swimming at night, the temp, fuel, tach, and clock (no
need to illuminate the speedo) are illuminated by a soft red glow
that does not affect my night vision. When I am on the road, the
original white lamps work as intended.

John "bright idea" Bevins