Nick to the rescue!


Behnke, Steve

The following appeared as part of an article in yesterday's Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel about flooding in SE Wisconsin.

Nick... I hope your basement wasn't flooded to bad.

'64 red

Amphicar comes in handy

In Mequon, homes along the Milwaukee River had flooded basements and
residents were moving their furniture and other belongings to the second
floor in case the water rises.

Some people who live along Shoreland Drive and Shoreland Parkway
evacuated, said Jon Garms, Mequon's public works director. "This has
happened before. These people are very adept at this," he said.

Garms said Mequon has had about 13 inches of rain over the past two
weeks, including a 1-inch downpour in 30 minutes Sunday night. Some
roads near the river were closed Monday, he said.

Along Shoreland Parkway, Nick Borchardt was using his Amphicar - a
combined car and boat - to evacuate Patricia Meller-Radke and her son,
Nathan, 11, from their home. Nathan uses a wheelchair.

Borchardt, who lives on E. Shoreland Drive, took the day off from work
to pump water from his home and help neighbors. This is the worst the
flooding has been in his 19 years there, he said.

Meller-Radke walked down the ramp from her front door and waded out to
the Amphicar. "This is the worst I've ever seen it," she said of the
floodwaters, which are at least 3 feet high in her driveway.



Thanks Steve for passing this on! It really shows Amphi-people's
best trait. A BIG Thanks to Nick for doing what was right! (and
knowing Nick, not even a second thought to do otherwise)

Daryl and I just returned from delivering Marc's project to his
brother Kansas City. I hope ya love it Marc! I was surprised that
there was hardly any traffic thru the entire 1400+ mile trip over 2
days. Humm, Maybe it's due to fuel costs? We counted 20+ State Boys
in less than 100 miles in Colo. Very busy!

John Bevins

Re: Re: Nick to the rescue!

Thanks capt. John. I here its in pretty good shape! I can't wait to see it and
get it running. I close on a house near Eagle Mountain Lake Fri. morning. It
has a little shop to work in also. Marc.